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Event Details

Cycles Bike-A-Thon!

Bike-a-Thon around Lake Merritt! Pledge a donation for each lap one of our riders completes in an hour! We will have the full range, from the racer to our mindful rider, and you can watch the whole thing on our campaign page.

Date & Time

Thu, August 6th 2020
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM PDT

Add to Calendar 2020-08-06 11:00:23 2020-08-06 12:00:47 America/Los_Angeles Cycles Bike-A-Thon! Bike-a-Thon around Lake Merritt! Pledge a donation for each lap one of our riders completes in an hour! We will have the full range, from the racer to our mindful rider, and you can watch the whole thing on our campaign page. givebutter<br><a href=""></a>


This event will be hosted digitally.

This event will be livestreamed directly on our Givebutter campaign page:






For over 20 years now Cycles of Change has successfully shared bike education to address violence, transportation justice, health, and accessibility with our youth across East Oakland and all of Alameda County.

Recently, we were forced to hit our breaks during this pandemic but quickly maneuvered our programs into virtual space AND we now need YOUR support to help keep our community...pedaling forward!

The work we do directly assists and brings in youth of color, from our non-profit community bike shop, The Bikery, to after-school clubs, bike rodeos, and bike safety education programs, and during these times we are still committed to making these programs accessible.

How can you make an impact? By making a DONATION on our campaign page or Text CYCLES to (202) 858-1233 where every donation from $10 dollars and beyond ensures communities that stand the most to gain... don’t get left behind with a flat tire!

Do you want to join our campaign? Yay! You can start your own campaign on GiveButter to reach out to your network to support Cycles of Change!


  • The Bikery - A collectively run, not-for-profit community bike shop in Oakland! Committed to making bikes accessible to everybody. We offer a range of affordable used bikes for sale, repairs, classes, and community events. 
    • Funding for The Bikery in continuing essential bike services and education to support ridership in communities of color, during the COVID-19 shelter in place and beyond.
    • Acquiring necessary supplies and adopting protocols to maintain the safety and health of our customers, community, and staff during this time. 
    • Getting bikes to folks in our community in order to have access to safely distance able transportation, regardless of financial constraints, is a radical act of love. 
    • Partnering with nearby schools, community groups, and neighbors to offer Earn-A-Bike programs and activities to support mental and physical health - virtually!
  • Drive Your Bike Program - The goal of the Bicycle Safety Program program is to train elementary through high school students in bike safety and how to exercise sound decision making in traffic. Cycles has now translated its in-person curriculum into a three-part virtual series of webinars. 
  • School-Based Bike Club - Bike Club programs offer opportunities for student participants at Oakland and other East Bay schools to learn bicycle mechanics, earn-a-bike, and learn safe riding skills while going on local, pedal-powered adventures.
  • Oakland Upcycle -Connects over 200 low-income East Bay residents with free bicycles each year.
  • Bike Rodeos - Cycles of Change provides Bike Rodeos at schools and community events to provide parents and children of all ages with fun opportunities to roll play while developing their road awareness and safety skills.
  • Website - Revamping our Cycles of Change website. Our website functions as a window into our mission and vision. Our goal is to give our outdated website a cosmetic tune-up that will make you want to come back!


  • $ 10.00 Shoutout! - Donating $10 gets you a shoutout from the Cycles of Change when our campaign ends!
  • $ 25.00 Stay Hydrated! - Get a fresh Cycles of Change H2o bottle. Hydrate yourself with style!
  • $ 50.00 Represent! - A dope, fresh off our screen print Cycles of Change shirt + H2o bottle. Rep hard!
  • $ 100.00 Flat Fix! - Don't get caught behind with a flat tire! Flat fix + a shirt.
  • $ 300.00 Basic Tune-Up - Your Basic Bikery tune-up + H2o bottle. The 8-System Adjustment includes front & rear breaks, front & rear derailleurs, bottom bracket, headset + safety-bolt check (parts not included)
  • $ 650.00 Tune me up! - A Bikery Special tune-up + shirt & H2o bottle. The Special includes the 8-System Adjustments + four new cable & housing replacements for front and rear breaks and derailleurs, four overhauls: headset, bottom bracket, front and rear hubs + front and rear wheel true (component parts not included)
  • $ 750.00 Become a Bikery Baker! - Become a Bikery Baker! Get a private 2hr bike mechanics class for yourself and one bestie! Recipe on the basics on how to bake your own bike!
  • $ 2,500.00 The Bikery Bike Bake Sale - Get a custom Bikery build pack, baked by one of our very own trained Bikery mechanics! (From selected equipment)
  • $ 5,000.00 All of the Above! - Plus a shoutout on our newly launched website!

Redemption Period - September 1, 2020 - October 31, 2020* 

*dependent on the availability of materials, dates will be extended.

Cycles of Change is an exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; 11-3821114.


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Thank you so much for your support and making each Summer the best experience for our students!

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Cycles of Change provided our youth bike tours with bikes. Thank you!

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