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If you want to help more campers attend CYJ each summer, then please consider donating to our Scholarship Fund. Thanks to the generous support we’ve received in the past two years, we’ve been able to offer financial assistance to more families, including children from the United States and Israel.

If you’re interested in information about naming rights, legacy gifts or other ways to support our goals, please contact directors Marcy Kornreich or Jamie Marks at 781 237-9410 or at [email protected].


Anonymous on behalf of JoAnn Chelist who raised a mensch of a man made a donation

1 week ago


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2 months ago


Happy 30th Jonah! We hope that a new generation of young people are able to enjoy camp and make memories that will last a lifetime!

Marni & Jason Israel made a donation

5 months ago


In honor of past, present and future generations of CYJ campers.

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5 months ago


In memory of Stephanie Chernak.

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