CYMT Resident Campaign 2022

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Today’s teens need leaders and spiritual tools that help them in authentic faith-formation.

At CYMT, we equip leaders to minister, innovate, and engage with youth so that they may experience the love and grace of Jesus Christ leading to identity and purpose.

Churches and local ministries are not meeting the spiritual needs of today’s teens. Whether it be from lack of understanding, education, & resources, or from unhealthy and dated forms of engagement – teens are left to navigate a challenging world where they feel lost and unheard, or without faith at all.

CYMT seeks the support of generous donors who agree with and value our mission. Your participation allows us to invest in the lives of thousands of youth by providing innovative training, resources, and education to ministry leaders across the country.


  1. Graduate Residency in Youth Ministry: Practical & Theological Training for Youth Ministers
    Equipping individuals & partner ministries in need of in-depth training & education.
  2. Innovation Laboratory: Changing How Faith Communities Develop Ministry
    ‘Breaking the mold’ to develop responsive & transformative ministry.
  3. Theology Together: A Different Way To Do And Experience Youth Ministry
    Helping youth dive into deep, theological reflection that yields an active faith.


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Campaign Ended

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