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Mass incarceration has become a staggering problem in the U.S. since the 1980's. This social issue has disproportionately impacted low-income communities of color. Over 60% of people incarcerated in the U.S. are people of color. Although there are many social service agencies, ministries, offender networks and other resources, there is still a high need for more training and financial support to returning citizens: without these tools, recidivism continues to be at an all time high.

Project Restart is a collaborative effort comprised of several Atlanta Area nonprofit partners, a financial institution and other agencies working toward one common goal: To reduce recidivism through providing a second chance for success. This is accomplished through providing participants who have a criminal record the opportunity to complete a multi-week self-exploration and training program. 

Upon participants completing the first phase of fundamental programming, each participant then commits to one of three pathways: Education, Employment or Entrepreneurship. After the second phase of programming is completed, participants will be matched with a mentor who will provide guidance and support. During the final phase of the program, participants have the opportunity to pitch for capital that will be used to finance their goals.

Project Restart 2020 was a success and now we’re gearing up for another program in 2021. Please consider a gift to support men and women who deserve a second chance at success through education, entrepreneurship training and capital- thank you!

When asked "why are you doing this answer has always been why not?"

Project Restart Founder- Tiffany Kirk



47 supporters

$10,000 goal

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