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130% of $6,100 goal

Help Us Cover Our Medical Bills!

We are beyond proud to say that since we opened our doors in August 2020, we have rescued a total of 1,973 dogs. We have worked our tails off to give these amazing souls a chance at forever, and although it hasn’t been easy, it sure as hell has been worth it. 

Unfortunately, going into our 4th year as a non-profit rescue, we have had some challenges. Injuries, illness, accidents and decreased adoption rates have proven difficult for our bank account.

Here are just a few of our most recent medical setbacks that we could use your help funding:

We rescued Alma (FKA Irina) from Roswell, NM. Her and her puppies sat in the shelter for over a month with no interest from rescue or adopters. On top of that, the father of Alma’s kiddos, Teddy (FKA Niall), and their two teenage daughters were also on the euthanasia list. So of course we stepped up and saved them all, but the day Alma was taking her freedom ride to Colorado, another dog on the transport bus attacked her. Upon arrival we rushed Alma to the ER where we learned that her toe would need to be amputated. So far, we have spent $2800 on Alma’s procedures. 

Jaymie, our stunning Doberman from Houston, was dumped at the shelter with her litter of puppies. We jumped in to help them all and found out that Jaymie was VERY heartworm positive. She will need treatment to be adoptable and have a chance at life. This will cost us around $1500. 

Holly, one of Jaymie’s puppies, experienced a severe case of bloat and was rushed to the ER. We were able to save her, but the vet bill was $1800, an obvious unexpected cost with such a vibrant and healthy young puppy. 

Just these 3 pups have racked up $6100 so far, and this doesn’t include unexpected costs or setbacks that rescues always face. WE NEED HELP! 

We have asked so many times and unfortunately, it won’t be the last, but we are again asking for donations. If you can donate any amount, please consider it. We want to continue taking the pups that no one else will, the pups that deserve every chance at a beautiful life, but we cannot do that without your help. 

Donation links can be found in our bio! Thank you for your continued support! ♥️


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