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Our unhoused friend Daniel is a talented mechanic and beautiful soul who loves to help people at the encampment. We are raising money for a down payment and some living expenses to get Daniel back on his feet and in stable housing. It's been difficult for Daniel to qualify for housing assistance because his birch certificate was lost after his foster mom died.

We have been working with a lawyer to get Daniel new documentation, and we're also working to get him moved into stable housing with assistance! 100% of your contribution will go towards getting a roof over Daniel's head.

Daniel is a wizard of a mechanic who builds and repairs anything with a small engine. This is one of Daniel's recent creations.



SoCal Mutual Aid Network provides mutual aid to unhoused communities, political prisoners, and marginalized/poor communities in Southern California. We have provided over $100,000 in mutual aid in the form of food support, supplies, blankets, tents, legal representation, and bail for oppressed people.

We stand in solidarity with oppressed peoples worldwide, but our efforts (and all of your donations) are focused on alleviating suffering here in the Southern California area.



78 Supporters

97% of $5,000 goal

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