STREB: Daring Beyond

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STREB: Daring Beyond 

Our community and our world are facing unimaginable challenges right now. But with 40+ years of defiance and fearlessness in the tank, STREB knows that Extreme Action begins where the familiar ends. 

Donate to STREB’s Daring Beyond Fund - your gift today will help build the launchpad for the next chapter of creation, imagination and innovation.

LIFT - Support STREB Action Heroes and teaching artists by keeping them employed and protected

EXPAND - Build the digital resources to connect our community of students, audiences, and artists

PUSH - Bring the groundbreaking work of Elizabeth Streb to the world in new ways

FLY - Elevate joy, collaboration, daring, and passion

Social Safety. Artistic Risk. #STREBDaringBeyond

Your tax-deductible donation will help underwrite the commitment and work of STREB. A gift of any amount will be deeply appreciated, and a gift at one of these levels will help us:

$10,000 HELP US DREAM - Support the design and engineering of a new flying machine. 

$5,000 LET US DARE - Support the Action Heroes for one week of rehearsal as they explore, experiment, invent and innovate new moves, new ways to thrill, and new boundaries to push to inspire us all.

$2,500 KEEP US SAFE - Support the maintenance of all the equipment we rely on to fly. Truss motor maintenance and safety certification, harnesses, bungee cords, and trampoline springs. Everything which allows our Action Heroes to FLY!

$1,000 HEAL A HERO - Support 2 bodywork sessions for each of our ten dancers and help us ensure our dancers’ health and career longevity.

$500 LAUNCH A HERO - Support the tuition for a scholarship student for one semester of classes in our KidAction program.

$100 SUPPORT THE LEGACY - Support the ongoing archiving and preservation of the 40+ years of works by Elizabeth Streb.


Erica Sigal made a donation

8 hours ago


Keep up the amazing, creative work!!! Thanks especially for Bobby's Meditation sessions and Back Rolling! Erica Sigal

Gina Valiando made a donation

1 day ago


I appreciate all you have been doing with the remote classes during this pandemic. It’s been great to be able to stay in touch with the community, and maintain some type of normalcy each week. I look forward to getting back in the air once you reopen and applying all that I have learned over the past few months to my flying. Thanks again.

Rebecca Slotkin made a donation

2 days ago


Melissa Garcia made a donation

6 days ago

Schuyler Allen made a donation

1 week ago


We care and love STREB deeply as a critical and pioneering part of Williamsburg's creative community. We hope this donation helps! -The Allen-Kalbs

Rosalind Petchesky made a donation

1 week ago


Philip Yenawine and Leo Buser made a donation

1 week ago


Wish, as always, it could be more. The zoom event was stellar!

Barbara Anne Payne made a donation

1 week ago


This gift is in honor of Tad Payne-Tobin, an admirer of STREB and the person who introduced your work to us. Bonnie Payne and Roger Tobin

David Fanger and Martin Wechsler made a donation

1 week ago


Megan Callaghan made a donation

1 week ago


Jane Mac made a donation

1 week ago


Feasting on Fearlessness!!! Brave Dancers Bold Vision Beautiful Brava Streb!

Danice made a donation

1 week ago


Thanks for a wonderful show tonight.

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