Daytona Times - COVID-19 Local News Fund

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COVID-19 Local News Fund (via Local Media Foundation)

Local news needs your support

Local news needs your support

For 41 years, the Daytona Times has been East Central Florida’s Black Voice, keeping residents informed on issues and events that affect and enhance the quality of life of African Americans in Daytona Beach and surrounding areas.

Now, more than ever, we hear about the need and appreciation for our specialized coverage, our dedicated delivery of the news as we go through the coronavirus crisis. Even further, our community is dependent upon us to deliver the news that directly impacts them.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought serious distress to local economies, and advertising along with them. Due to the pandemic, we are looking at different revenue streams to ensure that we can continue our coverage of the crisis.

Therefore, we are asking our readers to consider making tax-deductible donations directly earmarked for our coverage of COVID-19. No donation is too small.

If you believe news from East Central Florida’s Black Voice is critical, especially during these unsettling times, please donate to help keep us on the job. Contributions to this fund will help pay for news resources to cover the impact of the virus, information on testing and services, and more.

We thank you in advance for your support. We couldn’t have done this work for the last 41 years without the support of our community, and we won’t be able to do it for another 41 years without your support.

Daytona Times - COVID-19 Local News Fund is a program administered by Local Media Foundation, tax ID #36‐4427750, a Section 501(c)(3) charitable trust affiliated with Local Media Association. LMF is raising funds for educational activities; specifically, to educate the public on COVID-19 issues. LMF is providing funds to this news organization and many others to support this important educational project. All money raised by this effort will go directly to support COVID-19 reporting, to make sure the public has essential facts on this important topic.


Donna M. Gray-Banks made a donation

22 hours ago


Thank you for always serving the Community and making Literacy a Legacy.

Anonymous made a donation

6 days ago


Keep doing what you do. You are the historians of Daytona Beach's Black community!

Anonymous made a donation

1 week ago

Thanks for providing the information for the last 41 years.

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