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In an effort to combat the effects the student loan crisis has on rural communities, our Student Loan Assistance Program assists MWV residents with the payback of their student loans. Similar to a scholarship given to high school students as they enter college, our program assists young folks who are living and working here after college.

Together with our community partners, and many generous businesses and individual donations, STAY MWV granted $70,000 in student loan assistance to 39 of our region’s young professionals. In the midst of a pandemic and regional housing crisis, these awards mean young folks in the MWV can invest in our community and place permanent roots down in the Valley.

“I am truly thankful to STAY MWV for awarding me a scholarship to help pay down some of my student debt. Thanks to their generous program I was able to bring my student debt below 30k and save $3,100 in interest over the life of my loan. That’s a huge savings for me! It removed one of my monthly payments and has allowed me to put extra money towards another student loan, which will ultimately help me pay all my debt off faster. I am very appreciative of STAY MWV and the work they do to support young professionals and help us stay in the Mount Washington Valley.”--Amanda Royce 2020 Recipient

“Thank you so much for awarding me with the Student Loan Assistance Program funds. The $2,500 from the award allowed me to pay off the remaining $3,000 of my debt very quickly and be officially student loan free. I was able to pay off my debt a lot sooner than expected and save an additional total of $2,820.00. Thank you again for facilitating this for me.” --Katie Ellis 2020 Recipient

Please join STAY MWV in our efforts to attract and retain a vibrant population of young people in the MWV. 



4 supporters

$5,000 goal

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