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Help Support Divine Word Missionaries in Bringing Relief to the Most Poor

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"The poor have no reserves and no insurance. Many families are already afraid of not having enough food." — Father Heinz Kulüke SVD

For the poor and vulnerable across the globe, the COVID-19 pandemic has intensified the daily pain and suffering that was already part of their lives.

Around the world, Divine Word Missionaries are hurrying to support the disadvantaged by providing food, medicine and basic supplies. You can help as well. With the click of a mouse, you can bring hope to those who desperately need it.

In this moment of great uncertainty, we ask for your support of our missionary work. Together, we can help the impoverished rise from this crisis. By donating to this relief effort you can bring comfort to a mother who cannot feed her child and bring hope to a family that is struggling.

A gift today of $50, $75, $100 or more brings the promise of life to the farthest corners of the world where hope is nowhere to be found for the sick, the elderly and the homeless—nowhere except in the hearts of our missionaries.

Start a fundraiser today so that you and your friends can extend God's good will to those affected by coronavirus in communities.  

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Dolores Holmen received a new donation from Laura Sciarrio

1 week ago


With love and prayers of hope.

Dolores Holmen received a new donation from Anonymous

1 week ago


Please help the Missionaries in the Philippines with the COVID-19 Emergency Fund. They have overwhelming case load and need your help.

Abelardo Gabriel made a donation

3 weeks ago


Jay Canastra received a new donation from Nora

4 weeks ago


May this small gift help in your continued help to the world. Thank you for all that you do in protecting, teaching and guiding our Queens and kings of the future. Bendiciones !

Paul Aquino received a new donation from Anonymous

4 weeks ago

Praying for perseverance, strength and safety in your missions and the people you serve.

Margaret Strzynski received a new donation from Anonymous

1 month ago


Dear St. Margaret, Although you were very generous with material gifts to the poor, you also visited the sick and nursed them with your own hands. Please inspire me and my colleagues to pray for and help Divine Word Missionaries.

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1 month ago


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1 month ago


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