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Hello friends,

Thank God so many of us in American are protected from the inhumane crimes and evil acts of cruelty being committed by the Russian forces against peaceful Ukrainians. We have all seen the news reports, but it is far worse than what American media share. On a daily basis residential buildings, shelters, hospitals and churches are being bombed and set on fire. In Mariupol especially the very places that people are going to feel safe are being targeted, at night and without any warning.  It is clear Putin doesn’t just want to defeat Ukraine, but to eliminate the Ukrainian people.  If you search your heart you will agree that this will be remembered as one of the greatest humanitarian disasters of our time. That is not to minimize other atrocities being committed in other parts of the world, but just to describe what is unfolding right now, this moment, in a peaceful, beautiful country made up of talented, loving and brave people.

My own family has been impacted in a devastating way and I have lost many loved ones, young and old. We know we will be reunited in Heaven, but for now we struggle with the everyday lose and the pain and suffering caused all these innocent victims.  The Ukrainian people are courageous and proud, but persisting in the face of a merciless and better armed force is daunting.

We are asking that you help us raise money to help fight this humanitarian catastrophe. Whatever you can afford will help.  If you can share on your social media we would also be grateful. This money will go to survivors whom are in great need of help.  Electricity, water, heat and food have been cut off since March 2nd. Every penny raised here will go directly to victims in Mariupol and surrounding areas whom need your help.

I know there are so many demands on our money, its not easy now. So we are very grateful for your consideration, for whatever you can contribute and for your prayers.

Thank you,  



10 supporters

$200,000 goal

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