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Join college students all over the country in raising money for the most important issues facing our country today. We’ll waive all fees.

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Why #DoSomething

Stop Posting, Start Doing

Facebook is an echo chamber, and we’re all guilty of contributing to it. Speaking out is incredibly important, but at the end of the day - what really changes? The #DoSomething Campaign is all about turning words into actions by connecting you with the best nonprofits working on key issues facing our country right here, right now. Givebutter is a fundraising platform with a mission of inspiring people to make giving a part of their lives, and through the #DoSomething Campaign we hope to empower others to do just that.

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In alignment with our mission, Givebutter is waiving all platform fees related to the #DoSomething Campaign, forever. It is 100% free for anyone to start, run, and execute a fundraising campaign, meaning that as far as money goes, donating on Givebutter is effectively the same thing as donating directly to a nonprofit through their website - with the added benefit of doing so on a crowdfunding platform that specializes in raising awareness and bringing in new donors. Not to mention that other crowdfunding sites will take as much as 15% from nonprofits without ever telling donors. Not cool.

Don’t just donate...Fundraise!

In January, the ACLU raised $24 million in a single weekend, six times more than its yearly average. Now imagine if those supporters didn’t just donate, but fundraised as well… the amount of money, awareness, and impact generated could have been exponentially greater. With the #DoSomething Campaign, you can start a fundraising campaign in minutes by choosing your cause above and clicking the big “Fundraise” button on the following page. Make the first donation to your campaign, and then get ten friends to do the same! We’re here to help. 😀

You may say that I’m a dreamer...

But you're not the only one! There are millions of people just like you, who want to take action but don’t know how, or feel like their actions alone won’t be enough to create real change. The #DoSomething Campaign is a place for people of all races, religions, and backgrounds to rally around the causes that matter to them most. Next time you are watching the news and decide you’ve had enough, we want this page to be the first place you turn to #DoSomething about it. We hope some day you’ll join us, and the world will be as one.

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