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Doubly Devoted 2023

Matching Hope, Doubling Change

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Join Us As We Fulfill Our Mission

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Doubly Devoted year-end fundraising campaign, where some of our donors will generously match a portion of the donations made to the Tennessee Valley Coalition for the Homeless through December 31.

The Tennessee Valley Coalition for the Homeless relies on the generosity of community members like you. Donating to our organization replenishes a range of operating funds that keep our services running smoothly. Our mission is incomplete without the support of our community members. 

Here are three things to remember when donating to TVCH:

1. Your contribution directly translates into providing essential resources, such as shelter, food, and clothing, to those experiencing homelessness, offering them immediate relief and a sense of security. 

2. Your donation fosters a culture of compassion and support within our community, helping eliminate the stigma associated with homelessness and promoting an environment where everyone can thrive. 

3. Every contribution, no matter the size, plays a crucial role in our collective effort to end homelessness. Your donation serves as a powerful statement of solidarity, demonstrating your commitment to making a positive impact and creating a better future for those in need. 

Why We Do This Work

Homelessness in rural East Tennessee presents complex challenges that often differ from those in urban areas. While the region is known for its natural beauty and close-knit communities, it also faces unique obstacles in addressing homelessness due to limited resources, sparse social services, and geographic isolation.

In our community, the largely hidden experiences that lead to homelessness make it more difficult to assess the full extent of the issue. Many individuals and families facing homelessness confront additional barriers, such as limited access to transportation, healthcare, and employment opportunities. The lack of affordable housing options further exacerbates the problem, leaving many vulnerable individuals without a stable place to call home.

Raising public awareness about the complexities of homelessness and challenging stereotypes can foster a more compassionate and understanding community. Advocacy for supportive policies and increased funding for homelessness prevention and intervention programs is crucial to creating a sustainable and effective support system for those in need.

Our Programs

We are a non-profit created to house the homeless, educate the community, and equip stakeholders to provide lasting solutions to end homelessness in our twelve-county region, which includes Anderson, Blount, Campbell, Claiborne, Cocke, Grainger, Hamblen, Jefferson, Loudon, Monroe, Sevier, and Union. 

Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH)

Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH or "supportive housing") is for people needing long-term housing assistance with supportive services to stay housed. Individuals and families living in supportive housing often have long histories of homelessness and face persistent obstacles to maintaining housing, such as severe mental illness, a substance use disorder, or a chronic medical condition. PSH programs allow people with one or more disabling conditions to stabilize their housing and receive treatment for their underlying conditions. The combination of housing and supportive services creates a synergy that allows tenants to progress toward recovery and independence.

Community and Street Outreach

Community and Street Outreach is conducted in all 12 counties to create relationships with local agencies, businesses, government, and community leaders to collaborate on solutions to homelessness while also using those relationships to provide material resources and referrals to unhoused neighbors in the area. Street outreach includes using community resources to identify where we can provide material resources, should folks want that. 

Regional Homeless Helpline

The Tennessee Valley Regional Homeless Helpline allows folks facing homelessness to be connected to safe, local resources while also providing a space for folks to request necessary items needed to lessen the impact of homelessness, like tents, sleeping bags, blankets, clothes, jackets, food, drinks, and hygiene products which are taken directly to folks in need. 

Built For Zero

Built for Zero is a methodology, a movement, and proof of what's possible. The movement consists of homelessness support providers within the 12-county region that have committed to measurably ending homelessness, one population at a time. Using data, our communities have changed how local homeless response systems work and the impact they can achieve.

Together, we are proving that moral courage, data-driven thinking, and a system-wide approach can build a future where homelessness is rare overall and brief when it occurs.

Envisioning A Brighter Future

What comes to mind when you think about ending homelessness? For TVCH, ending homelessness means meeting people where they are and providing the necessary services to help them maintain healthy lives. Doing so requires understanding and education on the matters that impact their experience. 

Expanding our advocacy network through community education will raise awareness about the root causes of homelessness. Sharing our neighbors' experiences helps dispel stereotypes and encourage empathy, fostering a culture of understanding and support. Coming together through knowledge sharing helps all of us understand how to use our skills and relationships to empower others.

Regular hygiene is crucial for physical and mental health. In 2024, we will expand programming to offer more hygiene services, including developing a shower trailer program. Providing this service would offer a dignified and accessible space for those facing homelessness to maintain personal hygiene. The program contributes to improved overall well-being among the homeless population. The shower trailer will have private stalls and hygiene supplies, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience. TVCH aims to address a critical need within our community and enhance the overall health of individuals experiencing homelessness. Access to regular showers is an essential human right. Offering the shower service is an opportunity to restore dignity and provide a sense of normalcy.

By working together as a community, we can transform East Tennessee into a place where homelessness is temporary and avoidable. Through compassion, advocacy, and a commitment to systemic change, we can create a future where every individual in East Tennessee has a place to call home. 

Be bold this giving season and support TVCH as we provide compassionate solutions to our unhoused neighbors. 


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4 weeks 2 days remaining


14 Supporters

5% of $10,000 goal


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