Support 19 orphans in their cost of education, living, healthcare, & more!

Orphan Relief @ OU's 4th year in funding the necessities of orphans & homeless youth in Ghana, Africa

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HISTORY:  In 2015, Students for Orphan Relief at OU chose to team up with Care Shield Foundation, a native non-profit in Medie, Ghana, to focus on orphans and homeless youth who cannot afford to attend school. Children as young as 6 years old will leave their homes in search of food and end up living between the corners of the town; others pick up street jobs such as washing dishes for roadside food vendors or fetching water for contractors on the field; education is their only outlet to a brighter future. 

2015-2016: we raised $12,500 to send the 23 students, ranging from 5 to 19 years old, to school for the 2016-2017 school-year. Some just beginning their school career, and a few eager to graduate, but all yearning for a chance to become something in this world. 

2016-2017: we gathered $20,000 for the remaining 21 students (2 graduated!) to attend school, tutoring sessions, and receive new textbooks, supplies, backpacks, uniforms, and shoes. 

2017-2018: we collected $16,000 to fund the remaining 19 students (2 MORE graduated!) with fully-paid tuition, health care, daily meals, transportation, tutoring sessions, textbooks, supplies, backpacks, uniforms, and shoes. 

MISSION:  Orphan Relief at OU is run by college students who are passionate about creating change and aiding those in need. Orphans are the most vulnerable community in the world, and we as an organization truly believe it is our duty to assist those in vulnerable circumstances and improve the lives of these children who have already suffered so much. By offering new clothing, school supplies, food, tutoring sessions, and most importantly, access to years education, Orphan Relief at OU can pave the way for the Medie community to foster strong, powerful, and determined young adults.

THANK YOU:  The students will be taken care of with your help again for this coming year to build a stable foundation of education with the guaranteed school supplies and textbooks necessary to become leaders in their community. The Orphan Relief team at Oakland University thanks you in advance for your time and generosity!


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