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Dear loyal friends of Mel O’ Musical,


We can’t put into words the gratitude we have for your continued support over the last several years. Your loyalty and belief in our program has allowed us to thrive and is changing young lives right on your doorstep. Without you, we couldn’t grow and we have so much exciting growth ahead of us. Now that we are a 501(c)(3) non profit organization, we are relying on you more than ever to help us achieve our dream goals!


At this time, all donations, one time and recurring, will have such a positive impact on how we run our organization and will help us cover costs such as operational costs, production expenses, student scholarships and eventually, helping us to acquire or build our very own theater space (the ultimate goal)!


Think about your current monthly subscriptions you’re paying, some of which you likely don’t even use or know you’re paying! Imagine the difference you could make in just one local child’s life if that unused subscription were to be replaced by a Mel O’ Musical monthly subscription of just $25?! In just one year, that’s a $300 scholarship for a child right there and that, my friend, is a gift like no other!

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