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Ephan Moore Liberation Fund

We are raising funds to support Ephan Moore, who was attacked by C.O.s at Donaldson Correctional. Funds are needed to cover the expenses and legal fees he is expected to face in the aftermath of this attack, as well as his personal expense s. Funds beyond that point will be used to support the other members of the Donaldson 4.

On the morning of January 30, 2021, Ephan Moore was attacked by correctional officers at Donaldson Correctional Facility. Ephan had already experienced targeted violence at this facility, and had been struggling with mental illness as a result. 

Ephan was struck in the head with a meat cleaver by a C.O. , and rendered unconscious before being beaten and stomped by a group of four to five guards, according to the witness. He was taken to the infirmary where he was assaulted again by the same guards. 

Three other incarcerated people were also attacked by guards at Donaldson: Wilbert Smith, Derrol Shaw, and Robert Earl Council (aka Kinetik Justice). Activists are calling for immediate action to ensure the safety of The Donaldson 4, and charge the C.O.s involved.

More information can be found at www.freealabamamovement.wordpress.com

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