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The Reality of Insecurities (ROI)

Food security and quality education are known to go hand in hand, but when having food security strongly correlates with financial health, where does that leave low-income students? Especially during a COVID-19 pandemic, students should not have to worry about their Zoom malfunctioning alongside whether to give up lunch today or tomorrow. 

To address problems like this, Erevna is hosting a day of tutoring services for high school tutees on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Monday, January 18th, 2021. Tutors, tutees, workshop hosts and its audience members, website visitors, as well as community collaborators, are invited to donate to our campaign of "Fighting Student Food Insecurity." All proceeds of our campaign will go towards the U.S. hunger relief organization, Feeding America.

When you donate to the MLK Jr. Day Tutorthon's "Fighting Student Food Insecurity" campaign, your return on investment (ROI) is getting to experience the power of organizing and advocating for student lives in real time. We like to keep each donor closely in the loop with our future events and campaigns, post-event insights and analytics, exclusive resources and publications from our partner network, as well as our progressing accomplishments.

Your Impact

By chipping in, you are helping us prioritize the needs of high school students struggling to keep up with remote education during a global health pandemic, specifically for students of color and/or students that are based in a low-income or otherwise under-privileged community. We’re excited to see so many high schoolers and college/university students eager to work together on Monday, January 18th, 2021.

What We Provide

The Tutorthon is made possible by two of Erevna's initiatives, the Educational Nonprofit Coalition (ENC) and the Coronavirus Visualization Team (CVT). ENC and CVT are teaming up to host a free, virtual Tutorthon for all high school students in need of getting assistance with core concepts, such as subjects like math, history, science, and even test prep/mock college interviews. Our intercollegiate tutor team currently consists of students from Harvard College, Columbia University, and the like. We are particularly encouraging high school students that identify with historically-marginalized backgrounds to opt-in to the wide range of tutoring services we’ll have available on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Our Tutorthon has open registration, and can be signed up for by both interested tutors and tutees. Tutors must be currently graduated from high school and/or attending a college/university, and tutees must be in high school.

Donors will receive recognition on our official website (upon request). In addition, all donors will automatically receive our Virtual Welcome Package, which includes recurring emails from our donor newsletter, exclusive access to our network of partnered organizations and fellow student communities, a thank you message brought to you by Erevna's Executive Board, and so much more.

All tutors and tutees will receive virtual badges and certificates upon completion of the Tutorthon. Tutors will be able to certify community service/volunteering hours with our organization once the event concludes. In spirit of our mission of bridging connections and inspiring students to do more, interested tutors and tutees may enroll in our peer mentorship program, post-event.

Tutorthon is in 2 Days

To all high school attendees/tutees: thank you for your proactiveness in improving your learning experiences and overall education. To all tutors: thank you for your passion for volunteerism. We're ecstatic to (virtually) meet you all on January 18th, 2021!

For more information, visit our official website by clicking here.

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