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EZAZ.org Northern Arizona Road Tour

Civic Action Made Easy as Pie 🥧


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An Informed Voter Makes Better Choices at the Ballot Box!

Our bags are packed! We're heading on a summer road tour of Northern Arizona to reach our rural community in making civic action easy as pie🥧!

We have handouts to print, miles to drive, and pie to serve as we travel from town to town making sure every voice is equipped to be heard by our lawmakers. We will be training on how to read bills, the lifecycle of a bill, and how to reach out to legislators to advocate for or against a bill effectively.

Help us keep our classes free for our guests. Our budget for this tour is $2,500. Can you chip in to help ensure our team has the educational materials needed to empower our northern Arizona community? Give as much as you can and rest assured it will be the right amount we need at the right time! 

We'll keep you posted as our summer tour is booked and let you know where we end up! We can't wait to see you in Northern AZ! 

 P.S. Did we say pie? Yes, you heard that right! Please consider joining our EZAZ.org monthly pie club and help keep our program growing in every corner of Arizona! Go to ezazpie.org for more information on our monthly pie club🥧.

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