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AUA family, you are aware that AUA has been teaching students to Love God, Serve Others, and Value Learning since 1904. That is 116 years. While we have dedicated staff and volunteers working hard to maintain our aging facilities, there are areas that need attention. We have roofs that need repair or replacement, and we have 20+ aging AC/Heating units that need replacing in the near future.

Our budget is tight and does not include the extra dollars to address these issues.  One way to address this issue is to cut the cost of our electricity. Our annual power bills average $30,000 to $35,000 per year. The installation of ground mount solar panels could save us a significant percent of that amount every year-dollars that could be reallocated to upgrading our physical plant.

The Armona Union Academy Endowment is offering to match the money we can raise to install solar panels dollar for dollar up to half the cost of installation.  We have the opportunity to purchase a $160,000 to $170,000 ground mount solar system for $75-$85,000. Anything you can give will help us to reach this goal. Thank  you for your prayers and for your dollars for this needed upgrade.  Donations are tax deductible.  Please make your checks out to Armona Union Academy and write “Solar Panels” in the memo line.



9 supporters

$85,000 goal

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