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Renovate the goat lodgings at City Grazing's home base! Convert a shed into a nursery for our adopted kids and transform tarp tents into comfy dwellings. We’ll use 100% recycled rubber mats and repurposed building materials wherever possible to upgrade our sustainable goat abode.

No amount is too small: $15 buys a bale of straw bedding, $49 buys a 4’x6’ rubber mat, $700 pays for labor and supplies for a rain shelter rebuild. Our goal for renovations is $35,000. We'll install 200 rubber mats, 4 renovated tarp rain shelters, 3 new dwellings to ease our elder goats’ senior years, enhanced drainage, and 1 nursery conversion to help feed and care for our tiny orphan adoptees. We also have another year of feeding and care for our little guys adopted in Spring 2021 before they reach grazing age - that’s one $24 bale of hay at a time for another $36,000!

Donate directly and click the 'Fundraise' button above to join our peer-to-peer campaign. Share your love for City Grazing with your friends and family and give them the option to help out, too! Channel their gift-giving impulses into some friendly competition to see if your team can raise the most money. A donation to City Grazing is also a great gift-giving option! When you donate you'll have the option to make your donation in honor of a person of your choosing.

City Grazing welcomes and rehabilitates goats in need of a new home into our herd of urban grazing goats. Grazing removes fire hazards, creates healthy topsoil, supports native plant life, fights invasive weeds, and helps plants take more CO2 out of the air and store it in the ground. Seeing goats at work gives our community hope, warms our hearts, brings us together, and inspires everyone to find creative, sustainable solutions to issues of the environment and climate.



99 Supporters

68% of $71,000 goal

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