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Support for Local Farmworkers

*To donate via Venmo, make sure this link is open in your browser (not Instagram/Twitter)!*

Redistribute funds today to support our water drops in Oxnard/Coachella. We support campesine-led mutual aid groups in their distro each month. Show up for the people that feed us and keep our communities going!

Here are some examples of what your donation can help buy!*
$5 = 1 case of gallons for campesines

$10 = HEAT donation: Temperatures are high in Oxnard and Coachella throughout the summer. Help families stay hydrated!

$25 = "Coachella Ticket" if you know about the festival, learn about the farmworkers!

$100 = Gas for transportation to Oxnard/Coachella
$250 = 1 pallet of water gallons (288 gallons)
$1,000 = Sponsor water for farmworker communities in Oxnard/Coachella Valley

*Donated funds are unrestricted donations and may not be used to specifically purchase the items listed above. If you would like your donation to go towards a specific item, consider donating items to us via our Coachella Amazon Wishlist!


Organized by Water Drop Los Angeles
501(c)(3) Public Charity · EIN 85-2327993