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About the Fellowship of the Annunciation

Members of Scala Foundation's Fellowship of the Annunciation commit to recurring donations (monthly, quarterly or yearly) to support Scala's mission to restore meaning and purpose to culture through beauty, liturgy and liberal arts education.

For example, your recurring donation helps Scala support apprenticeships at The Chichester Workshop for Liturgical Art. Founded in 2023, the Chichester Workshop for LIturgical Art offers unique opportunities for highly skilled artists committed to a lifetime of liturgical art to apprentice with with master artists Aidan Hart, Martin Earle and James Blackstone.

We encourage you to learn about this newly founded community of artists on their webiste (link above) and on a playlist from the workshop on Scala's YouTube Channel.

Your Impact

"Learning about the Chichester Workshop for LIturgical Art provided me the only opportunity I could find to combine my formal training from art school with my faith to create art that dignifies the human person and renews communities of worship," Brendan C., London, UK. 

"After 40 years of making liturgical art, The Chichester Workshop for Liturgical Art will allow me to respond more fully to the increasing number of people seeking apprenticeships," Aidan Hart, master liturgical artist and author. 

Join Us Today!

The Scala Foundation welcomes recurring donations of any amount to the Fellowship of the Annunciation by clicking the donate button on the top of this page.

If you wish to make a one-time donation to Scala, visit our website. For information on other ways to give, please email us at [email protected] .

Your committment to supporting Scala's mission will be amplified by many others who desire to see great liturgical art being made today. See below an example of a mosaic made through Chichester's apprenticeship program!


Learn More about Scala Foundation 

Founded in 2016, the Scala Foundation’s mission is to restore meaning and purpose to American culture by restoring beauty to liturgy, education and our common life. Scala is led by Margarita Mooney Clayton, a professor at Princeton Theological Seminary, who is the author of numerous books and popular articles, and an inspiring public speaker on topics such as education, culture, virtues and faith.

Her husband, David Clayton, is an Artist-in-Residence for Scala and the Provost of Pontifex University, where he founded the Master of Sacred Arts Program. David studied iconography with Aidan Hart, and is an internationally renowned iconographer and writer for various online publications about topics like the mathematics of beauty, liturgical art, and cultural renewal.

Online Resources about Scala 

In addition to  deep work in  Princeton and Oxford to bring together artists, students, teachers, and scholars, Scala also publishes books, blogs, articles, interviews, and hosts public events like conferences, webinars and lectures open to the public.

Scala Foundation's website 

Margarita Mooney Clayton's biography and publications

David Clayton's Way of Beauty blog and books

Interviews and Lectures with Margarita Mooney Clayton


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