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Help Ferre Genetics Expand Access to Medical Genetics Services!

Your donation will help to provide access to care for families in need of genetic counseling services in New York State.


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Ferre Genetics is raising money to help families in Upstate New York gain better access to medical genetics services.

Ferre Genetics is a 501(c)3 organization. As an independent, community-based genetic counseling program, we rely on support from grants and donors like you. All donations are fully tax deductible.

As a nonprofit organization, we provide genetic counseling and testing services, resources, and research for families that would otherwise not be able to access care. 

We receive over 2,000 patient referrals from medical providers throughout Upstate New York per year. Currently, we aren't able to accept all patient referrals as we need more Genetic Counselors on staff to support these patients. The only way we can afford to support more patients is through your support!

Patients typically wait up to one year to have genetic counseling at a major medical facility, often requiring long-distance travel.

At Ferre Genetics, you will have an appointment within 4-6 weeks or less…right in your community with a Certified Genetic Counselor!

We are on a mission to help families throughout New York State understand how family and medical history can determine their risk for a disease. We are committed to assuring that families have the most current information and access to new genetic testing options, as well as prenatal/preconception genetic counseling.  We help patients understand how family history can play a role in developing hereditary cancers, disorders, and/or conditions, and how those who are just building their family might benefit from a genetic counseling appointment.

We offer a sliding-scale payment system that ensures all have access to genetics services, regardless of their income or insurance.  With your support, we can continue to reduce service rates for patients without in-network insurance benefits.

We are here to help you and your family members navigate your genetics journey every step of the way by providing answers and valuable information throughout your lifespan.

We can’t reach these goals without your support!


Your support will help us…

  • Hire additional Certified Genetic Counselors to support over 2,000 patient referrals per year
  • Reduce service rates for patients without in-network insurance benefits
  • Expand awareness of Ferre Genetics throughout Upstate New York
  • Provide additional genetics resources to families in need of genetics services


About Ferre Genetics

Our community-based genetics service assures access to genetic counseling for patients and their medical providers in the communities where they live and work, and promotes public awareness of genetics in everyday life. Based in Binghamton, New York, Ferre Genetics was established in 1974 by our late Medical Director, Dr. Murray Nusbaum. 

As a non-profit organization, we are dedicated to the education of professionals and consumers on issues of infertility, family building, and genetic risk. Unlike most genetics programs, we are not affiliated with a university or medical center. Rather, we work closely with a dedicated Board of Directors, which includes a Medical Director. 

We currently serve 30 counties throughout Upstate New York and provide genetic counseling and testing services, resources, and research for families that would otherwise not be able to access care. We have an internal staff of three Certified Genetic Counselors that offer both in-person and telehealth appointments. With your support, we will hire additional Genetic Counselors to our team. From understanding how family history can play a role in developing hereditary cancers or heart disorders, to providing resources pre and post-testing, we help our clients throughout their lifelong genetics journey.

For more information, please visit our websiteFacebook page, or email [email protected].



Share Fundraiser

Campaign Ended


25 Supporters

54% of $30,000 goal

Ferre Institute Inc

A 501(c)(3) Public Charity

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