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Foodscapes Garden Project Truck Campaign

Help Maine Foodscapes continue to build gardens for increased food security in Southern Maine!

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What is the Foodscapes Garden Project (FGP)? 

Maine Foodscapes has been building backyard vegetable gardens for people experiencing low income in Southern Maine since 2018 through the Foodscapes Garden Project (FGP). Since its inception, Maine Foodscapes has installed over 350 hemlock raised garden beds (4' x 8') across 51 towns and 4 counties in Maine, serving over 400 individuals, and utilizing over 800 hours of volunteer support.

Where in Maine do we serve?

Maine Foodscapes partners with families, individuals, and businesses throughout Southern Maine. We have built gardens in Cumberland, York, Androscoggin, and Oxford counties. Our garden build season is in the Spring every year, and all of our new gardeners receive seeds and seedlings on their garden installation day. 


Foodscapes needs a new or refurbished truck to continue building gardens through the Foodscapes Garden Project (FGP) in 2022!

We are a federally recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with the mission to improve community food security and well-being throughout Southern Maine. We empower Mainers to grow their own food by providing free gardening resources and ongoing mentorship. Foodscapes also offers ongoing educational opportunities focusing on gardening, cooking, and wellness skills throughout Southern Maine.

In the past, we have borrowed, rented, and most recently received an old dump truck by donation. Now, the donated truck needs $15,000 worth of repairs to function. Can you help?

This vehicle is the most vital piece of equipment to our work building gardens.

The FGP relies on a truck to transport compost, soil, wheelbarrows, hemlock lumber for raised beds, and other materials necessary to construct each set of garden beds with a trellis for vertical growing plants.

Each Spring Season we use a truck to haul around 80 yards of soil and travel over 2,000 miles! 


2022 Foodscapes Portfolio, Community Impact Report


2021 Garden Build Season, Androscoggin County


2021 Growing Season, Boys & Girls Clubs of Southern Maine (South Portland)

Maine Foodscapes believes that:

  • Resources and knowledge are power
  • Rich local food systems improve human and environmental health
  • Intergenerational and intercultural connections and collaboration create strong, just, self-determined communities.

If these values resonate with you, please consider making a donation today to support the continued success and growth of the Foodscapes Garden Project (FGP)!

Please donate today and share our campaign with your network!

We can't do this without you!


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3 months remaining


24 Supporters

36% of $45,000 goal

Maine Foodscapes