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This campaign is now closed. To continue to support Glynwood's Food Access work, please visit and pick "food access" in the donation drop-down menu.


The Food Sovereignty Fund pays farmers to grow local food for community-led food access initiatives. 

Through awarding seasonal contracts and providing specialized technical assistance, Glynwood builds the capacity of small-to-mid-scale Hudson Valley farms that use regenerative agricultural practices to grow food for local hunger relief efforts. By partnering with members of the communities served, we are directing these resources to farms led by operators who identify as BIPOC/LGBTQ+/women.

YOU CAN HELP pay local farmers to feed the people who would not otherwise be able to access farm-fresh food!



The Glynwood Center for Regional Food and Farming is a non-profit organization serving food and farming changemakers from New York’s Hudson Valley and beyond.

Glynwood’s Local Food for Every Table initiative is a holistic, regional approach to increasing food access during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. Formalized in 2020, the projects of this initiative will help our region move past providing short-term hunger relief: instead implementing solutions that will achieve long-term food sovereignty and food justice. One of these projects is the Food Sovereignty Fund. 


COVID-19 brought farmers and food-system activists and organizers together and we asked: 



Food Sovereignty Fund Vision:

  • Advance food sovereignty in the Hudson Valley
  • Ensure every Hudson Valley resident, regardless of zip code, can access farm-fresh, locally-produced food, during and after the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Fairly compensate local BIPOC, LGBTQ+, female-identifying and beginning farmers for growing food for hunger relief
  • Transform the emergency feeding system in the Hudson Valley by increasing support of and accountability to small-scale farmers, grassroots hunger relief efforts, and the people they feed
  • Strategically integrate regional food systems efforts with hunger relief efforts, catalyzed by COVID-19, but mobilized to maintain momentum post-crisis. 

After a successful pilot year in 2020 for the Food Sovereignty Fund (7,000 lbs of farm-fresh local food from 10 farms, distributed to 14 feeding programs across four counties) we are looking to significantly expand this work in 2021 and we are fundraising to ensure this program’s success.

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134 supporters

$150,000 goal

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