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When we moved over 1000 miles, we had to put rescuing on hold. But, we are ready to grow and continue the For Goat Sake mission. This is our biggest fundraiser to date, but we can do it! This project includes:

  • A new quarantine barn for new animals 
  • A hay/tack building for food so we can ensure all the animals are fed and cared for
  • Fencing to keep everyone safe

The quarantine barn will be a 12 foot by 20 foot structure. (Picture below) When a new animal comes to the sanctuary, its important for them to have a space that we can ensure their health and safety. A place to call theirs until they are healthy, healed and ready to meet the other animals. 

This space needs to be fenced, the outside area will be approximately one quarter of an acre in size. This is enough space to let the animals stretch their legs, run around, and have plenty of fresh grass to eat. It will be predator proof as well. 


The storage building for hay and tack will provide a space for us to store food and items we use on a daily basis. It will ensure that we have the space to stock up on hay, food and other items that we use to keep the animals happy and healthy. 

Buildings and fencing come with a cost.  Our hope is to have all funds donated and break ground by the beginning of the summer to start bringing in more animals that are down on their luck.

Thank you for your support!

You are Safe. You are Loved. You Matter. 



3 supporters

$9,000 goal

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