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Sheila's Story

Over the last 10 years, Pediatric Hair Solutions has been working with foster agencies to provide a much needed treatment to safely combat head lice for foster children and their families. 

I became aware of Foster Village through the clinic and through community connections.  I knew I needed to connect with them since so many foster families deal with head lice. I reached out to Kelly to learn more about Foster Village. Together we came up with a plan to be a helpful resource for all foster families. 

Once I was connected with this wonderful village I trained the staff on how to talk to their families and provided them with all the necessary information. I incorporated a bottle of treatment solution in the welcome packages for every family. This is the first step to stopping any spread of lice. It provides one less thing new families and the child has to worry about.  

Myself and my staff continue to serve Foster Village and its families. We enjoy providing the proper care, treating head lice and having fun with these families. 

Sheila Fassler, RN, BSN

Foster Village Charlotte's Story

Foster families are all around you. They are regular people who are shifting their entire lives to say yes to children, doing all the things we do and adding in court hearings, visits, training, and giving love young hearts who have known trauma and neglect. These families are doing the work, and they cannot do it alone. Foster Village Charlotte is in their corner, fighting for their voices and meeting their needs. We know that without supported foster parents, there won’t be enough safe and loving homes for children who desperately need them. Help us to support these families: the front lines of foster care.

Join us as we create strong community beyond the foster care system. If every person raises:

$600 | Equip
Provide individualized support for families
Hire a highly skilled Caregiver Support Coordinator

$700 | Connect
Build our Village Guides program
Mentor new and struggling families directly

$800 | Advocate
Enable Foster Village to be the voice of foster families
Focus on change in the system to better serve foster children
Get ahead of foster care burnout


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Hope this provides the magic of the holidays for a needing child❤️

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We are donating all tips collected on Small Business Weekend to help Foster the Movement!

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we love you and your mission.

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Sending love and magic your way!

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Thanks to Shelly Helms for sharing information!

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