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Update on August 26, 2021

Our Clinic Director, André Boyer, shared, "Even though I’m used to working in an environment where there is more need than resources, traveling to Les Cayes was very emotional for me and the team. The need is overwhelming."

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Update on August 19, 2021

Our WASH team has arrived in Les Cayes and is now assembling water filters and buckets for distribution! 



Picture above is our WASH team packing water filters and hygiene supplies this morning and before heading to Les Cayes, the epicenter of this past Saturday’s earthquake and in Haiti.

Update on August 18, 2021

An important update from our Executive Director, Nathan Ruby, as well as next steps in our Immediate Earthquake Response Plan: 

I'm filled with awe and gratitude for this community of supporters. Since Saturday's massive earthquake near Les Cayes, you have donated, shared, called, texted, and emailed your support.

Thank you!! Because of your generosity, we've reached our initial goal of $10,000! That means we can purchase more life-saving water filters to ensure that Haitians in the hardest hit areas have access to clean drinking water.

Many of you have asked... what's next?

Our immediate response plan includes the following 3 tiers:

  1. Prioritizes the WASH program to deliver water filters to the impacted area of Les Cayes. These filters aid in the prevention of diseases like Cholera which spike after natural disasters due to the destruction of clean water sources. Each filter is small, portable, and lasts for 10 years.
  2. Taking care of our Haitian patients in Cyvadier and Jacmel. They depend on our Urgent Care and Vital Health Clinics to remain open, providing high quality care for adults and children, medicine, and healthcare education.
  3. Partner with nonprofits in Les Cayes to expand our Urgent Care to include those impacted by the earthquake. The medical healthcare system in Les Cayes is overwhelmed, and we're connecting with partners to bring their patients to be cared for at our clinic in Cyvadier.

In order to treat more people in the impacted areas, purchase more supplies, cover the cost of transportation, shipping, medicine, and staffing, we've set a new goal of $20,000. Together, we can serve more Haitian families in crisis.

We will continue to update you in the coming days as we have more news from the clinic and Les Cayes.

Earthquake Relief in Rural Haiti

In response to the devastating earthquake in Haiti on August 14, 2021, we're asking for your help. Our WASH Program (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) is essential during this time. 

Even before the earthquake, 45% of Haitians in rural areas do not have access to clean drinking water, and 80% of Haitians lack access to improved sanitation facilities. With the current disaster, clean drinking water is needed more than ever.

We're prioritizing providing water filters and hygiene kits to the areas that were hardest hit during this earthquake. Right now we have 300 water filters available and we're purchasing more in the coming days, but we need your help. Together, we can support the incredible people of Haiti during this time. 

Live on MSNBC with FOTCOH Clinic Director, Andre Boyer

Update on August 14, 2021

This morning a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck the southern coast of Haiti. The epicenter, near Les Cayes is approximately an hour and a half drive southwest of the clinic. I have been in touch with Andre Boyer and our clinic staff are ok. At this point we see no damage to the clinic buildings. The earthquake was felt Saturday morning at the clinic. Many patients returned to their families and the clinic remains open for now. Initial reports suggest significant damage in the Les Cayes area. Please continue to include the people of Haiti in your thoughts and prayers.

Nathan Ruby, Executive Director



Les Cayes, Haiti. Photo source: unknown 


For nearly 30 years, Friends of the Children of Haiti (FOTCOH, pronounced “fot-co”) has provided healthcare and hope to the people of Haiti. FOTCOH provides year-round medical services as well as community education and hygiene programs in Cyvadier, Haiti. FOTCOH’s staff and devoted volunteers treat medical conditions including hypertension, diabetes, asthma, pregnancy, severe skin infections and burn injuries, as well as malnutrition in children.

About the WASH Program

Through the WASH Program, our goal is to distribute water filters to 600+ families annually. Each filter lasts for around 10 years. We also test household water quality, construct latrines, distribute more than 1,000 hygiene kits each year, and lead educational clinics in the community. Our interactive educational clinics teach children and adults proper handwashing techniques, safe food preparation methods, and daily dental hygiene practices. FOTCOH’s WASH Program also teaches Haitian families about safe water treatment, storage, and handling.

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110 Supporters

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