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Francesco's Foundation

Francesco’s Foundation’s mission is to promote hope and prevent teen suicide.


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This foundation is being set up in FRANCESCO’S name to help prevent other teenagers from being tormented, cyber bullied, gossiped about, and/or discriminated against. We hope to transform our grief into action!

The foundation’s purpose will be to provide a bridge for parents and educators to know what children are experiencing on-line in order to prevent cyber bullying and harassment leading to the deterioration of mental health, self harm or in extreme cases, suicide.

Francesco died on October 21, 2021. He was 17 years old and had been the victim of malicious rumors and cyber bullying. Prior to his quick spiral downwards he had been a happy, star student with everything to look forward to in the world. He was a victim of spiteful lies due to his sexual orientation. Francesco was experimenting and had not identified as gay, bisexual or straight but because of his openness at his school in Long Island he was the subject of vicious lies and ridicule. One night he was unable to take any more and he had a very uncharacteristic night of recklessness and although he had not set out to-Francesco did end his life on a moonlit beach in Southampton.


We are so grateful to our many supporters, below, who have kindly and generously donated to Francesco's Foundation in 2023:

Diana Cochran 
Timothy Whealon
Peter Degermark
Susie Degarmark
Stella Cochran 
Dierdra Venables 
Noreen Donovan 
Peter Thomas Roth
Sarah Finlayson
Mark Romany-Bruce 
Carol Morton
Joanna Bugeja
Erin Uritus
Annamaria Tamma
Robert McDonald
Kaila Jacobs
Serena Snell
Emmanuel Santiago
Elyse Ausenbaugh
Kathleen Tripp
Victoria Cardaro
Marnie & Jack Mcbryde 
Melina Hale
Mark Webb 
Martin Rabbatt 
Lewis Aaron 
Nigel Stirk
Jennifer Allsop


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Francescos Foundation Incorporated

A 501(c)(3) Public Charity

EIN 38-4240977