Free Binders for Trans & Nonbinary Youth

Help folks bind safely, fight gender dysphoria, and live authentically

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We believe that EVERYONE should have access to safe binding

Binding is one of the safest ways for trans, nonbinary, and gender diverse people to combat gender dysphoria related to their chest size. Unfortunately, binders can be expensive and inaccessible, and that’s where we come in.

Help us reach our goal and ship nearly 5,000 binders to folks in 2022.

The DC Area Transmasculine Society (DCATS) has been providing free binders since 2017. We ship new and gently used binders for free throughout the US to ensure that every person who wants to bind has access to a binder.

We give a free binder to ANYONE who:

  1. Can’t financially afford one
  2. Believes binding will alleviate their gender dysphoria
  3. Lives in the US

We are one of the few programs that doesn’t have an upper age limit, doesn’t require proof of income, and offers exchanges because binding safely is our main priority.

Our commitment to safe binding is demonstrated through our programs key features that distinguish us from many others:

  1. Our application asks folks for their measurements, not their size, because we want to ensure folks are measuring themselves accurately and this helps us spot mistakes.
  2. We offer personalized support to those that need help taking their measurements via email, text, or video calls.
  3. If the binder we send doesn’t fit, we’ll exchange it so that folks don’t feel compelled to use an ill-fitting binder because they don't have another.

Gc2b, the world's biggest trans-owned binder company is our primary sponsor of binders. However, shipping costs are expensive, averaging $4 per binder. As a volunteer led-nonprofit with very limited funds, over 90% of our budget goes to shipping costs for our binder program. 100% of your donation goes to ensuring that more people are binding safely and living authentically.

You can learn more about our program at

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Campaign Ended

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