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Showing up game ready applies to more than just sport. Are you game ready for life?


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Free Jacks has partnered with Doc Wayne to raise awareness for mental health. Doc Wayne is a non-profit organization that fuses sports with mental health. Doc Wayne's award-winning curriculum is taught to youth all over the world to teach mental health through the lens of sport. "Showing up game ready" is used to replace the term "mindfulness" when asking youth if they are ready for the day. These valuable lessons taught through sports are why Doc Wayne has a 90% retention rate and has reached 25 countries and over 67,000 youth. Are you Game Ready for your life?

Doc Wayne uses sport-based therapy to break down the stigmas around mental health. Our direct service programs work with children and teens of all genders who have experienced trauma and, as a result, are managing a mental health need. We currently partner with 23 schools, community centers, and residential treatment centers to deliver Group Therapy, Individual Therapy, and Therapeutic Mentoring to youth. The Champions Network™ launched in July of 2020. We have hosted four types of training, educating 20+ organizations, 25 countries, multiple states, 163 adults, and indirectly reaching over 67,500 youth. Doc Wayne began in Boston, grew nationally, and now impacts youth internationally.



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EIN 27-4216064