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Making Youth Sports Accessible For All

Through FundPlay, LeagueApps provides sport-based youth development organizations with free software licenses, cash grants, and professional development in order to ensure accessibility for all. Check out our 2021 Impact Report here

By facilitating collaboration between club and travel organizations, pro leagues and teams, and sports-based youth development organizations, we are engaging our community to address issues of accessibility and participation.

To that end, we launched FundPlay Drive as a way to raise money to give back to the organizations that are making the biggest impact in their communities. Last year, we raised $50,000—half we donated to Cycle for Survival for their continued research and work around rare cancers, and half was given as cash donations to our FundPlay partners.

This year, our partner, South Bronx United, is going to build a mini pitch to be able to provide more soccer opportunities in their community. To be able to do that—and to continue providing opportunities for all kids—they need some help.

Our goal with this event is to raise $100,000. The first $50,000 we raise will be donated to South Bronx United to build their mini soccer pitch, and the remainder will once again be given as cash grants to other FundPlay partners. All donations to this campaign are tax-deductible according to the rules of the Internal Revenue Code 501(c)3.

We'd love your help in making youth sports accessible for all!

Why We Are Funding A Play Space

One of the biggest issues that youth sports organizations - particularly sports-based youth development organizations in urban areas - face is access to safe play spaces. South Bronx United has a wait list of 200 kids ready to play, and getting these kids on the field will benefit them physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, educationally, and in myriad other ways that will last a lifetime. 

This mini pitch will be built in the new SBU clubhouse on River Ave and 177th Street in the Bronx, a few blocks from Yankee Stadium and is perfectly suited to give more kids more opportunities to play, year-round. 

Funding this pitch will help make the community more active, safer, and create a communal space for this amazing organization and their families. 

Learn More

See LeagueApps VP, Community and Impact Benita Fitzgerald Mosley's interview with South Bronx United's executive director Andrew So about the great work they do in the community and how this mini pitch will be a game-changer for SBU.

Learn more about South Bronx United here




577 Supporters

101% of $150,000 goal

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South Bronx United and LeagueApps FundPlay