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Fundraise for the First Panda

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Red pandas are the first panda. But they are also the endangered panda. 

The global red panda population has declined by 50% in 20 years. It is estimated that fewer than 10,000 remain in the wild, and their population might be low as 2,500.

Extreme poverty and human population growth drive locals to depend heavily on the forest’s finite resources for survival. As forests are cleared for farmland and development and degraded by intensive grazing, the results have been disastrous for Himalayan wildlife and red pandas. A recent rise in red panda poaching compounds this precious situation.

Your donation will support our urgent response to these threats, including the Plant a Red Panda Home and No Panda Poaching campaigns. Together, we will save the last of the first panda! Visit redpandanetwork.org for more information.

Learn more about our work in this film narrated by Sir David Attenborough for the 2022 Whitley Awards!

Three steps to get started: 

1. Start A Fundraiser - click the 'Fundraise' button at the top of the page to start a campaign in minutes! If you can, inspire others to give by making your own donation. Check out our fundraising toolkit for everything you need to fundraise for the first panda.

2. Spread The Word - tell your friends and family (in person or through a text, phone call, email, or social media) why you love red pandas and why you're helping to save them. 

3. Celebrate - when you reach your goal, thank everyone who supported your campaign that will a difference for the first panda!

Donate Your Birthday to Red Pandas!

Instead of presents, ask your friends and family for the gift of conservation. Create a campaign and ask your friends and family to support you in just minutes!

Kids, you can have your very own panda party!

Play 'pin the tail on the panda' and more with these fun activities.


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Need inspiration for outreach? Learn about red pandas on our facts webpage or factsheet or read 15 Fantastic Facts About Red Pandas


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