Community Health Partnership - Honduras

You Can Change Lives

Every donation helps! For example:

$15 can

Buy cloth diapers for one baby

Cover the cost of a month's worth of vitamins

$50 can

Cover monthly costs for in-home dialysis for a child awaiting surgery

Buy a medical foam cushion for paraplegic patients

Purchase specialized hand-crutches

Cover lunch and transportation for "Voluntarios" attending classes at the Opatoro clinic

$75 can

Procure a medical-grade waterbed for a paralyzed patient

Provide specific medications for high-risk patients

Ensure a month's worth of nutritional support for a child

$110.00 can

Procure 160 pairs of reading glasses

$250.00 can

Buy a wheelchair

$600.00 can

Cover most surgical cases, transportation, and meals for pre-op and post-op appointments


Organized by Community Health Partnership - Honduras
501(c)(3) Public Charity · EIN 46-1520101
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