Get Out for the Bays!

Communities thrive when they connect with the outdoors. This September, we invite you to Get Out for your health and the health of the Inland Bays!

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In 2020, health and well-being have been at the forefront of our minds. Now more than ever, we are striving to take better care of ourselves and each other. One great way to do this: Get Out!

The human health benefits of time spent outdoors are widely known. Those that get their recommended dose experience lowered blood pressure and stress hormone levels, enhanced immune systems, and less anxiety. There’s no doubt about it: getting outside is good for us.

But in order for our community to reap the benefits of nature, we must ensure that we are taking care of our environment. Threats like pollution and habitat loss destroy natural places and if we don’t do our part to protect them, they will no longer be there for us to enjoy.

That’s why the Center is encouraging you to join our new initiative, Get Out for the Bays! Throughout the month of September, you can show your support for the Inland Bays and encourage your friends and family to do the same. Together, we can ensure healthy communities and healthy Bays for years to come!

How to Participate in 5 Easy Steps:

Step One: Pick an outdoor activity you enjoy and set a goal related to that activity. For example, if you enjoy kayaking, commit to paddling a certain number of miles throughout the month of September.

Step Two: Set a fundraising goal. It can be whatever amount you’re comfortable with!

Step Three: Create and customize your very own virtual fundraising page to let people know about your chosen activity and why the Bays are important to you. Click here for further instructions!

Step Four: Share your page with your friends and family and ask them to support you by donating. All the money that you raise will benefit the Center’s efforts to protect and restore the Inland Bays! Click here for sharing tips!

Step Five: Reach your goals and CELEBRATE! You’ve raised important funds for the good of your community and had fun while doing it!

Don't want to fundraise, but still want to support Get Out? Just click the Donate button!

About the Center

The Delaware Center for the Inland Bays is a regionally recognized nonprofit organization that has led environmental conservation efforts in Sussex County, Delaware for over 25 years. With its many partners, the Center conducts scientific research, implements water quality and wildlife habitat restoration projects, and provides public education in order to fulfill its mission to preserve, protect, and restore Delaware's Inland Bays and their watershed. To learn more about the Center, visit


Susie Ball received a new donation from Rich and Ed

4 hours ago


Thanks for working to keep our Inland Bays clean.

Anna Short received a new donation from Jim Estep

18 hours ago


62 miles is impressive. You are devoted to saving our environment.

Jennifer Volk made a donation

1 day ago


Susie Ball received a new donation from Patricia Kenney and Christina Joy

1 day ago


Hi Susie! Let's go for a walk! Pat

Kenneth Sigvardson made a donation

1 day ago


Brian Warnock made a donation

2 days ago


Keep the bays healthy !

Susie Ball received a new donation from Debbie and Carol

2 days ago


Thanks to you (and Archie and Chester) for your continuing work with this great organization!

Susie Ball received a new donation from Donna and Gail

3 days ago


Enjoying seeing you walk for a great cause! Go Susie, Archie, and Chester!!!

Anonymous made a donation

3 days ago


Thanks for all your work!

Anna Short received a new donation from Mom and Dad

3 days ago


We are hoping you don’t have to swallow too many bugs you and all that you do!

Seagrass Pickleball received a new donation from rich and antoinette filiaggi

3 days ago


thanks for working to keep our waterways Beautiful!

Chris Bason received a new donation from Kenneth Sigvardson

3 days ago


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