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RISE Giving Day: April 27, 2023

Break the cycle.


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RISE Giving Day is Thursday, April 27, 2023!

On RISE's Inaugural Giving Day, be a part of the community supporting our mission to break the generational cycles of incarceration.


Break the Cycle: I want to leave something that's good.

Tony was born unto parents succumbed by the disease of addiction. His father was abusive and he considers his mother a "lost soul". Love, as we know it, was confusing for him. He wasn't sure what it really was.

Growing up, Tony lived his life to simply feel accepted - by his father, mother, and everyone around him.

"Not having the support as a kid, you lose your way. Especially when you're trying to fit in.

You're not who you are when you're trying to fit in with other people. You're conforming yourself to their view of you and you lose sight of who you are.

That's what happened to me."

Tony sought the acceptance of gang members who didn't reciprocate the intrigue. The lack of feeling accepted over and over scarred him psychologically and socially. 

Tony fell into a depression - hated everyone, everything, and made choices that brought him to the bars of a prison cell three years ago.

Tony began RISE's In-Prison program four months ago.

"Seeing where I'm at now, it's amazing the growth that I never thought I was gonna get. I always thought I was ready, whenever my time came. I was ready to accept that.

Now I'm not.

I want to live to be a hundred.

I want to live as old as I can possibly be instead of getting this life over with.

This whole program, right here, has made it that way. Everything you do for us, like offering support for our families, means a tremendous amount to me and I don't take that lightly.

To know you have people in your corner when you never used to have people in your corner.

The biggest thing for me is loyalty. And I definitely plan on giving back. Life is good now and I'm proud and content with who I am.

The RISE program really has changed my life. I've taken a lot of programs and this one has probably moved me the most. It's molded me to be a better man today than I ever thought I was going to be in my entire life. I'm actually, truthfully, grateful I had the opportunity to come to prison and get this opportunity so I can help break this generational cycle for my family.

I want to leave something that's good. Leave a good imprint on somebody's life. Mostly my kids. So I really thank you for the support, encouragement, motivation, and accountability."

Donors like you make RISE programming accessible, robust, holistic, and life-changing for our incarcerated neighbors like Tony and their loved ones. 

Donors like you increase the support available for RISE participants as they prepare to return to the communities in which we live together.

Donors like you heal families, empower parents, and make breaking the cycle of incarceration more possible than it was before.

Donors like you create career pathways and locally owned small businesses.

Donors like you help break the generational cycles of incarceration.

Right here, in Nebraska.


Share Fundraiser

Campaign Ended


192 Supporters

114% of $25,000 goal

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