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NWC Giving Day 2023

One Day. One Purpose. All Trappers.

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NWC Giving Day is returning to campus in its 3rd year on Thursday, March 30, 2023! 

This 24-hour giving blitz is accompanied by an exciting addition: the opportunity to fund a variety of smaller projects across program and academic areas throughout campus that will help positively impact student lives, or donors can once again choose to give to institutional areas campus-wide including...

NEW STUDENT CENTER: The DeWitt Student Center has given Northwest College more than 50 years of memories. But the building is crumbling. Its infrastructure, once mighty and strong, is now bending to water damage, irreparable pipes, and a rusted exterior. Transform our campus by giving to a facility project that helps us achieve a vibrancy that matches the energy of students.

SCHOLARSHIPS: Impact student lives in a very personal way by providing critical funding, enabling them greater access to college and success after graduation.

ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIPS: Support Trapper Athletic scholarships, so NWC coaches can be confident in having the critical resources they need for their teams to stand out and remain competitive.

DEE HAVIG HOUSING OFFICE PROJECT: For years, he’s stepped up to help Northwest College; now it’s our turn to step up for him on Giving Day to name the housing office in the new Student Center for Dee Havig. Student Senate has generously committed a match of up to $25,000 to help us reach the $50,000 naming level. 

CAREER & TECHNICAL EDUCATION: The Center for Training and Development provides certifications and training such as Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), plumbing and HVAC, or CPR that help students master skills to go straight into the workforce. Since workforce courses are noncredit, students don’t qualify for regular financial aid or most scholarships, funding to help defray expenses for students is critical, with training costs ranging from $25 to $5,000.

STUDENT TRAVEL/FIELD STUDIES EXPERIENCES: Experiencing other cultures first hand is life-changing for students. Northwest is special among 2-year schools in its emphasis on providing travel opportunities for students with trips to places such as Spain, Italy, Egypt, the British Isles, Iceland, France, New York City, and more. 

Help Fund Smaller Projects Campus-Wide!

Anthropology (Doug Nelson Archaeology Travel Fund): After Professor of Anthropology M. Douglas Nelson died from a heart attack while leading students on an archaeology dig in Israel, his children established an endowment providing travel support for students. Exploring anthropological sites was his greatest passion and they wanted to encourage similar journeys for others. | GOAL: 10 DONORS

Art & Design

  1. Visiting Artists: Working with visiting artists gives NWC Art + Design students the opportunity to learn from a variety of visual arts professionals. Visiting artists offer students a chance to work with diverse artists and designers practicing in a variety of media. Students see how the skills and concepts learned in the classroom can be applied to professional careers. | GOAL: $1,000
  2. Short-Course Workshops: Short-course workshops are designed for both current NWC art/design students, as well as the larger college and regional communities. Subjects range from specialized topics in Art History such as Spanish art and weekend or virtual museum tours, to practical lessons in graphic design such as optimizing images for print and common typography practices. | GOAL: $1,000

Business (QuickBooks Short Course): The Business Department plans to collaborate with NWC’s workforce development area, the Center for Training & Development, to develop a hands-on, short-course that will provide practical application of accounting principles learned in the regular classroom. This funding will cover expenses for two 4-hour sessions. | GOAL: $1,000

Criminal Justice (Crime Scene Mannequins): Mannequins are optimal for recreating crime scene investigations for students and help them gain hands-on experience. Funds raised will be used to purchase two mannequins (one male, one female). | GOAL: $2,400

Education (Teaching Materials): The Education Department is raising funds for materials to teach the methods and pedagogy of Reggio Emilia and Montessori. Funds raised for new materials will help enhance education students’ learning and experience throughout their time in the program. | GOAL: $1,500

Equine Studies (Camera Equipment): The ability to record and review rides is critical to Equine Studies students' success. Camera equipment will help students understand their rides better and promote the program on social media and beyond. | GOAL: $2,000

Forensics (Laptops): There are many advantages to Forensics students having their own laptop, including more efficient and detailed note taking, faster writing and editing, and more convenient group work/study. | GOAL: 10 DONORS

Intercultural Programs (Flag Maintenance and Upkeep): The Northwest College Office of Intercultural Programs requires maintenance and upkeep of their flags that represent countries all around the world at many events throughout the year on campus. Each flag costs $5.91; “buy” one flag for Intercultural Programs or several to help them reach their total goal. | GOAL: $1,500

Livestock Judging (Lamb Judging Stanchion and Feed Panels): Livestock Judging at NWC is raising funds to purchase a lamb judging stanchion and feed panels, which will support students gaining valuable skills and knowledge about the livestock industry. | GOAL: $1,600


  1. Conductor's Podium: A conductor’s podium is much more than a piece of staging or furniture. It is the place where musician’s focus their attention for guidance and through a conductor achieve their collective musical goals. | GOAL: $1,300
  2. Hearing Protection: As a National Association of Schools of Music program, NWC Music is required to provide training in hearing health for students, faculty, and staff. “Musician Ear Plugs” provide excellent protection without diminishing the ability to hear the full musical range. It's important music students protect their most important instrument – their ears. | GOAL: $1,250 (or 50 pairs at $25 per set)

Nursing & Allied Health (Laerdal Modular Skills Trainers): The Northwest College Nursing & Allied Health program is raising funds for Laerdal Modular Skills Trainers. With the trainers, students can learn skills like wound care, injections, oxygen therapy, and several others. A $250 donation will sponsor one nursing student with a trainer, or smaller gifts can be added together. | GOAL: $6,000

Photographic Communications (Cooking Equipment for Photo Studio): Updated cooking equipment will enhance students' food preparation options in the Olivia Parker Tabletop Photo Studio. Equipment includes a new Induction Modular Cooktop with 4 elements, a mini fridge and freezer, and an Instant Pot. | GOAL: $1,150

STEM (Equipment Repairs): A challenge of the STEM department is fixing and maintaining pieces of scientific equipment due to the prohibitive cost associated with many of them. Most equipment is used to support the entire division. | GOAL: 10 DONORS

Trapper Athletics (Game Day Chairs): The current sideline chairs, used on game days, in Cabre Gym are becoming worn and are in need of being replaced. | GOAL: $5,000


  1. PTK Dues: Each year, Northwest College students are inducted into Phi Theta Kappa (PTK), a national honor society that recognizes the academic achievement of community college students. The membership fee, however, can often be a barrier to students joining PTK. Sponsor a student by making a $90 gift, or smaller gifts can be added together. | GOAL: $1,000
  2. Food Care Packages: TRiO is raising funds for extra food during the holidays for NWC students. At the end of each fall semester, Dining Services closes for the break. Funds raised will help staff members purchase food and create care packages with nonperishable items for students in need. | GOAL: $1,000

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332 Supporters

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