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Recurring Donations

Committed to preventing cancer in all children, raising awareness, and supporting families impacted by treatment. L.A.M.B. recognizes the importance of putting more effort, money and energy into finding a prevention to childhood cancers instead of using all our resources to make more harmful treatments. Therefore, for the last 12 years we have dedicated ourselves to just that by supporting a local research facility dedicated to finding a vaccine to childhood Leukemia. In addition, we are aware of the pitfalls of cancer treatments, such as, parents losing their jobs, children admitted into hospitals for days, weeks, and sometimes months, treatments that cause physical disabilities. Therefore, we also support the families that have children going through treatment by paying for medical bills, utilities, car insurance, car repairs, mortgage payments, rent payments and so much more. This helps give the parents respite when they need it the most and allows them the time to focus on their sick child. Lastly, we have initiated our latest project, “Room for Change” this gives oncology families an opportunity to nominate any one person in their family to get a room makeover valued at $500. Giving families a little bit of brightness in their lives even in the darkest of times.


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