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Give to Seeds In The Middle for 2023

Let's empower students to overcome food and health inequity and create their own healthy places to live and learn. More than 18 schools want to run farm stands!


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This holiday season, please give to the small community-based organizations which empower local communities to create their own sustainable joyful healthy solutions to overcoming food and health and educational inequity!

Even with $5, you can buy a coupon that provides FREE fresh food to our children, families and seniors in our most vulnerable neighborhoods for the holidays.

When you give to Seeds in the Middle,  you are helping Seeds In The Middle sustain and open at least 12 school-run farm stands in our lowest-income neighborhoods - where most of our New Yorkers of color live. 

If you believe every child and family and senior deserves equal access to healthy choices, like affordable fresh fruits and vegetables and quality after school programs and safe and clean neighborhoods - please give to us. 

If you believe in teaching a man, woman or any person "to fish." to build their own sustainable healthy businesses to transform their neighborhoods and schools, then please give to Seeds in the Middle. 

Click here to see our map here of where we've been - where we are - and the numbers in RED tell you how many schools want us to come to them.

For $20,000 a school, we can open and sustain a school-run farm stand and Hip2B Healthy Cafe and gardens at a new educational institution as a "start-up business" for at least 12-15 weeks. You can even sponsor one market for $1000. But anything you give will help us.

Donate $20 for a free fresh bag for a family or join us for the Giving Tuesday Bar Crawl on Franklin Avenue and Drink for Food Justice! Tickets are $50.

Students not only learn why to grow, market and cook fresh...  but they also become change-makers and entrepreneurs and learn innovation and business, starting at preK! 

Principals tell us our markets have led to higher attendance plus less angry outbursts and more joy among their students. Parents, community members and students tell us our programs help them eat better and help them help their neighbors and family to eat better and lead healthier lives.

Teachers tell us they felt so hopeless about the high amounts of sugar and salty foods and drinks brought in by students - knowing that too much sugar impairs a student's ability to focus, concentrate, feel well. They feel empowered to enforce healthier food in the classroom and now bring in treats that are fresh fruit, rather than the processed food swamping their school communities.

Educators understand that nutrition is key to higher achievement - and they know that African-American and Latino and Native Americans suffer from the highest rates of diabetes, obesity, heart disease, premature death and disabilities - all connected to malnutrition and the unhealthy, ultra-processed and fast food being pushed on their communities and heavily marketed to their students and children.

So, let's empower the schools and educators and parents and community members and students to change their environment from gray to green - from unhealthy to well.

Yes, they can - with our help. 

Want to learn more? Read on:

Take Action for Food Justice

Seeds in the Middle invites you to empower our low-income, food-insecure neighbors to create their own farm stands, farmers markets, edible gardens and healthy cafes so everyone has access to healthy options no matter where they live.

At Seeds in the Middle we believe everyone - no matter where you live - deserves the chance to lead a healthy life with nearby affordable fresh food, fun fitness, and nutritious cooking. We offer support in building small business, growing edible gardens, engaging in the arts, and bolstering quality education for all!

We welcome everyone to join this mission. Only this way do we rise together and enable everyone to have an equal chance to get past this pandemic.

Please volunteer and/or donate!

We are honored to partner with NYC and national leaders in education, social justice and equity, health and more for sustainable, positive, healthy change. Super gratitude to the National Black Leadership Commission on Health, aka Black Health, for inviting Seeds in the Middle to join the NYC Diabetes Working Group to advise the NYC Department of Health on ways to effectively reduce the tragically high rates of diabetes among New Yorkers of color.

Want to learn about health disparities in our city?

Just go to the NYC Department of Health Neighborhood Profiles here - Knowledge is power.


We accept EBT/SNAP + give free coupons if you spend $10 cash? Spend $10 on EBT/SNAP and get $10 free! Spend $10 CASH, get $5 free Hip2B Healthy Bucks! Free giveaways at every market, including free recipes, free tastings, and diapers!'


HEALTHY STUDENTS SCORE HIGHER, PERFORM BETTER IN SCHOOL! That's why we have school-run farm stands as well as soccer and fitness programs. More than 10,000 students and community members served since we were founded in 2010.

We also offer:


Want to take part? Want to lead? Email us!

Help us keep these farm stands and soccer programs alive so we can work across other schools and communities!

Do you think healthy eating is a civil right? That all families should have nearby fresh produce? Then, please sign our petition to the NYC Council and Mayor Adams to FUND EQUITY.

Do you think every neighborhood should have a well-lit block so everyone feels safe? Sign our petition for Light Up Watkins Street - Brownsville here 

Want to learn more about us? Email us at [email protected] or call us at 862-701-3858.


Share Fundraiser

Campaign Ended


9 Supporters

2% of $20,000 goal

Seeds in the Middle

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