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As many of you know, I had the great blessing of leading support groups with queer and trans people locked up in San Francisco's County Jail for almost 5 years. What became clear to me almost immediately after I began going in was just how many systemic barriers most of these folks faced long before winding up in jail. Rampant social stigma and discrimination, especially toward trans women who are black, makes finding and keeping safe housing and well-paying work incredibly difficult. The daily violence these women face just walking down the street is something that very few of us can comprehend. More often than not, homelessness looms upon release from jail. And yet, in spite of all the struggles they faced, the thing that made me so love going in there week after week was the incredible kindness, humor, resiliency and grace with which I watched these women navigate their lives, using the limited resources available to them.

Trans women of color are survivors, and I am committed to doing everything I can to support the incredible organizing of Ms. Ceyenne Doroshow and her many mentees in creating safe, long-term housing that will create the opportunity to heal and get a solid footing after the many traumas of transphobia, poverty and incarceration. I'm lucky to say that I know Ms. Doroshow personally, and couldn't be more thrilled about supporting this project; if anyone can do and do it right, it is her.

Given the real estate market, this moment represents an incredible and rare opportunity. Anyone among us who believes that black lives matter should know and understand that investing in the well-being of black trans women will bring us all a step closer to collective liberation. Please join me in digging deep, right now, and donating as much as you can possibly afford to help make this dream a reality. Frankly, the fundraising goal of $1M is far too low for the kind of work ahead, so please give as generously as you can.

Thank you in advance for joining me in this work. This is just the beginning, and I'm grateful to get to roll up my sleeves and do it with you. #BlackTransLivesMatter

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Over the course of the last few months, Ceyenne Doroshow and her organization, GLITS Inc., have been providing temporary housing to Black trans people recently released from Rikers Island. GLITS has been presented with an opportunity to both sign two leases to provide housing for the upcoming year and buy two buildings to create a permanent place to house and support Black trans people in New York City. These leases will provide much needed security and housing stability in the forthcoming year for several Black trans members of our community, all of whom were recently released from Rikers amidst the COVID pandemic and systemic racism that still plagues our communities. The buildings will create a space that will allow Ceyenne to provide housing and support to community members for years to come.

We believe in the livelihood of Black trans people and the importance of thriving, not just surviving! 

We want Black trans folks to live a life filled with opportunities of joy that many of us take for granted when our existence is not defined by perseverance. This is what Ceyenne Doroshow wants to provide for trans folk through these housing opportunities. Ceyenne’s vision is giving Black trans people the opportunity to be in charge of their own plan and in providing housing, we are beginning to create not only stability, but a larger shared accountability to our community. These properties will allow Black trans folk to focus on other long term goals like education and mental health, as well as an overall feeling of support and stability during this unsettling time. In order to reach these goals, we need to raise 1 million dollars. 

Budget Breakdown: We need your help to raise a total of $1,000,000 by June 30th in order to make this a reality. Through the generosity of folks in our networks, we have already raised the $200,000 needed to put a deposit down on the first apartment and second apartment leases which are housing and providing essential resources to 7 Black trans people. The next 625,000 we raise will go towards buying 2 apartment buildings, which will act as a hub to support Black trans livelihood. The last 175k will go towards making these buildings livable, new hires for GLITS, and finalizing plans for Ceyenne’s visionary Rikers release team.

This effort is led by Black trans folk giving back to their community and prioritizing the safety of Black trans women.

With love and solidarity,

G.L.I.T.S. Inc.



1.2k supporters

$1,000,000 goal

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