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Glow Up: The Campaign For New Glo's!

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For 35 years Glo’s staff and ownership has poured our hearts and souls (not to mention our coffee) into the bellies of our guests and neighbors at our original location on Capitol Hill. Our divey digs are a Seattle institution, but they’re long overdue for an upgrade in ambience. We’ve been able to secure a spectacular new space in the Transit Station on Broadway in the heart of Capitol Hill! We’re finally in a position to offer everything you ever wanted from your local diner.

But the pandemic’s been a challenge for our best-laid plans, and we need a little help from our friends and neighbors to complete our glow-up into the new space. We need to raise $350,000 by April 15 so we can finish our 6-month buildout and be open this fall.

If you are interested in making a significant gift, loan or investment, please contact Glo’s ownership at [email protected]! We've been able to raise the first $125,000 of our goal from a small group of folks who care deeply about Glo's - and an anonymous donor has offered to match the next $50,000 we raise from the broader community towards our goal. Help us unlock those funds now!

Our new space will allow us to offer a variety of cool services and upgrades that we’ve always wanted, to support people in need in the community, and provide a welcoming platform for local artists. We’re counting on you as our neighbors and supporters to help us fulfill our and your dreams!


The Capitol Hill Community

Capitol Hill wouldn’t be the same without Glo’s charm (and our signature benedicts). And we’ll be even better after our glow-up! Our new bigger space will cut down on your wait times. You’ll be able to get your glow on with the hangover breakfast cocktails that you’ve wanted for years, thanks to so much more room in the new space. And we’re finally going to have space for an espresso machine to pump up your breakfast and help you start your day!

Our Unhoused Neighbors

Our glow-up is more than just a makeover. You may not know that Glo’s runs a community meals program – and since the start of the pandemic we’ve served over 6,500 free meals! We secure donations from customers and community members that help feed our neighbors who are unhoused and in need. Our bigger kitchen and proximity to Cal Anderson Park as well as several other parks at the new location will allow us to serve more meals to more community members in need. It’s that simple!

Local Artists

Glo’s has long supported the arts community and displayed the work of local artists on our walls. Our new space creates the potential to dramatically expand our support for local artists with the ability to host art events and live music. Art has always been the backbone of the Capitol Hill community, and we can’t wait to support more artists at our new space.


Your donation to Glow-Up comes with some immediate rewards (which will be distributed in May after the campaign ends):

$75 the warm glow of helping preserve a cherished Capitol Hill institution

$150 free breakfast for 2

$250 buys you an original Glo’s hoodie with the last print of the original Glo’s sign

$500 a reservation to our grand opening weekend

$1,000 Free coffee or espresso for a year at the new location

$5,000 Breakfast for 2 on your birthday for the rest of your life

$10,000 Breakfast for 2 for an entire year

$25,000 buys you free breakfast for YOU for the rest of your life

$50,000 buys you one of 5 exclusive lifetime SPEED PASSES that allows you and up to 3 guests to shoot to the front of the line whenever you arrive to eat. This speed pass is coupled, for our highest donation package, with free breakfast for 4 anytime you come in for 2 years at our new location!

These awards are a token of our appreciation for helping us reach our goals and our dreams. We can’t wait to give you the food you love, in a space that we all deserve.

ALSO: Any overages or unspent funds will go directly into our Community Meals fund to help feed those in need.

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340 Supporters

88% of $350,000 goal