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This August, area teams will gather at Teague Park for The Great Cardboard Boat Race! These “crews” of two (or more) will build boats made entirely of cardboard and compete in a series of races around the pond. All for bragging rights, glory, and some pretty awesome trophies!

But there is no need to wait until August! The voyage begins now and we invite you to join along!

Vote-by-donation for your favorite crew and help them in their journey to collect the most coveted prizes of all - The People’s Choice Awards!

To the crew with the most votes goes the Most Mates Award and the crew that raises the most money - The Treasure Chest Award!

Donations go to Greater Longview United Way and help us to support 37 local programs serving our community.

So cast your vote now and don’t forget to join us on August 28th!

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12 supporters

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EIN 75-0998908