Cora Donation

Used to be a pack mule for an outfitting guide, then got her leg cut and was turned loose and found by someone who kept her for the winter until she was given to Sanctuary Horses where she is now able to live out the life of retirement she deserves.


Thank you for clicking on that heartwarming photo of our charming mule, Cora! Your compassionate gesture has the power to make a real difference in Cora's life. By making a donation, you directly contribute to providing essential care, nourishment, and medical support for Cora and her companions at Sanctuary Horses. Your support allows us to create a haven where these incredible animals, like Cora, can thrive in a loving environment. Every contribution, inspired by a simple click, fuels our mission to rescue, rehabilitate, and care for more horses and mules in need. Your generosity brings us closer to ensuring a brighter and more secure future for Cora and all the Sanctuary Horses. We are truly grateful for your compassion and the positive impact you're making on their lives.


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