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Tyler Eastridge - Brawl for a Cause Charity Boxing Event - Supporting " The Melanoma Hope Foundation"

Please help me raise money to raise awareness for Melanoma!


$2,000 Goal

Created by Tyler Eastridge (Benefitting Brawl for a Cause)


Typically we start the New Year off focused on bettering ourselves. This year I wanted to flip the script and focus on bettering others.

I'm participating in a local charity called "Brawl for a Cause" where you literally get to fight for a cause you believe in by participating in a boxing match held in the Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta on February 17th.

My cause is the "Melanoma Hope Foundation". I am raising money for the foundation that my close friend founded after Stage 3 Melanoma nearly claimed his life. He is now 6 years healthy and I am going to step in the ring to commemorate his battle with cancer and help raise money for awareness and a cure to this insidious form of cancer. 

Read Luke's Story below:

"I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Melanoma on October 20th 2011. This diagnosis has lead me to begin a new journey involving changing my diet, changing my outlook on life, and changing the statistics of Melanoma. My goal is to raise awareness of skin cancer by challenging people to get frequent skin checks, and educating people about the common causes of skin cancer. But I want to go a little farther than just the surface things that we can see and do. I want to attack Melanoma on a micro level, where modern science has not been able to go! With your support and donation we can change the statistics of Melanoma patients worldwide, and destroy this dangerous form of cancer!!!"

I appreciate all the support. 



More Information:

Brawl for a Cause:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Brawl...

Website: http://brawlforacause.com/

Melanoma Hope Foundation:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/me...

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Mike made a donation

9 months ago


Jake made a donation

9 months ago


Wish I was there tonight to watch the fight. You're gonna do great!!

Kason made a donation

9 months ago


Huge respect for dedicating yourself to a good cause. Go out there and get it done brother!

Ramsey made a donation

9 months ago


Better late than never! Either way you came out a winner supporting a great cause with dedication and grit. Good luck tonight brother!

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