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Friends & neighbors,

On Friday morning, July 16th, we at Golden Diner had a small machinery explosion and an ensuing fire that decimated a huge chunk of our beloved restaurant and blackened the rest. While we are incredibly thankful that the fire was contained and no one was hurt, we’ve been benched for an undefined period of time – something all the force of a raging pandemic failed to do.

This fire is just a big (and hot) bump in the road of what we plan to be a long and colorful life for our second home. We managed to stay open against all odds throughout the entirety of 2020, by sheer force of will, and found the opportunity to do some very cool things with some truly remarkable people in the hopes of enriching our neighborhood with positivity and delicious, accessible high-quality food #feedthepeople. We’ve overcome bigger (and hotter) bumps before, but we need your help in sustaining our incredible team and reconstructing our facilities.

We anticipate being out of commission for the following 2 weeks (hopefully sooner) to clean and rebuild safely, and our first order of action is to make sure our team is taken care of through this time. We’ll be distributing donations back to #teamgolden, to spare worry for their livelihoods during this time, and to the rebuild of the restaurant.

We will use this time to reassess, rebuild, and return stronger 💪. We can’t do what we do without the love and support of our team and our community – all of us at #teamgolden send our profound gratitude for your ongoing support and patronage.

UPDATE 8/2/21 - We are still wading through a SWAMP of reconstruction and legal work. If all goes to plan (haha🥲🤞), we're anticipating re-opening by the week of August 17th. STAY TUNED & FOLLOW FOR UPDATES! 

As always, be kind, be well, and we’ll see you on the other side of this mess!

-Team Golden

When we do return, we will be hiring on all fronts, especially for BOH. Please send us an email with your resume and relevant info to [email protected] subject: careers - (desired position).



564 Supporters

92% of $50,000 goal

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