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Dear friend,

Reflecting on another year of unexpected challenges, we remember that classic phrase, “It takes a village.” This is said so often these days that to some it may lose the weight of its truth, but at Wild Eats, we understand just how profound these words are, and this is the exact reason that the only thing we love more than creative dishes and incredible food is our customers.

Julia Child said, "People who love to eat are the best people," and we couldn't agree more. This is why our focus is on those we serve. At Wild Eats, we are committed to creating one-of-a-kind dishes using the best ingredients, promising our customers a unique experience. Our food and our customers hold a special place in our hearts and we know that it is only because of our incredible food family (a.k.a. our wild customers), that we were able to make it through some of the most uncertain times in the hospitality industry has ever seen.

Your kindness has meant the world to us. And today, I am reaching out to you to ask for your consideration to partner with us on a very special initiative. Right now, we desperately need your support as we work to raise capital to open a new location in midtown Atlanta. This new location will allow us to expand our offering and create a new space where we can cultivate a creative and impactful dining experience for those we serve. This new space will enable us to introduce you to some of our favorite dishes and some new introductions as well. This new location will also give us more kitchen space to prep, as well as an opportunity to create our dine-in footprint, and the chance to bring pop-up eat shops out into the community!

Your financial support will help us in our mission to serve up some culture, excitement, and incredible food to our community. All proceeds raised will go toward the purchase of our new location. It will also help us in our efforts to create lasting memories for our customers and employees. You can learn more about the Wild Eats experience by following along with us on Instagram @WildEatsATL or by reaching out to us, we're always happy to talk food with anyone who will listen.

Please know that without the generosity of someone like you, we can't bring this dream to life. So, will you join us?


Owner/Chef and Founder of Wild Eats

Jerry (Finger Roll) Brokemond


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