Goytia for Assembly 2024

Goytia for State Assembly 2024 FPPC# 1459103

My name is Carlos Goytia and I am running for the 53rd Assembly District to focus on what matters most: The People.

My parents were involved in everything from PTA to youth sports and taught me about various kinds of contributions we can make to our community. The values my parents instilled in me later motivated me to create three youth non-profits in the Pomona region, as well as serve as Parks Commissioner. In 2010, I was elected to serve as Director for the Three Valleys Municipal Water Board where I ensure over 500,000 residents have access to clean water infrastructure, and have been re-elected three times since. When the pandemic hit, I got to work with my colleagues to organize food & resource drives that we still continue to this day.

I humbly ask for your support. The two political machines I am going up against had $150k right off the bat without throwing a single fundraiser. We can beat money, and your support will help us reach as many people as possible to spread our message.

Together, we can fight for:

  • improved jobs
  • quality healthcare
  • accessible housing
  • safe streets
  • green spaces
  • clean environment

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