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Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands and Arches in Moab


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Who? Nancy and Vivienne (13)

We live in Western Colorado and the state parks are only 3-5 hours away, but they are pricey. We have faced many financial hardships from the pandemic and are unable to afford travel at this time. A grant from Travelnitch will help us pay for lodging so we can take our daughter to Bryce Canyon and Canyon Lands and Arches. 

Our daughter loves the outdoors, especially Moab. Unfortunately, we have been homebound for the past 2.5 years. She has had many disappointments over the past 2 years. Her 6th grade graduating class had to cancel a trip to Catalina Island for Marine Biology camp and her 5th grade trip, an archeological dig in Mesa Verda, was also cancelled. 

We would love to give her an adventure that she can look back on fondly. Thank you so much [for this opportunity]. We would love to pay it forward in the future when our circumstances become better.

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Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands and Arches in Moab


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Dry Tortugas National Park


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There is no substitute for real life.

A love of travel begins with curiosity, but real transformation happens out on the road. Travelnitch grants provide funding for families who might not otherwise have the access and opportunity to travel together.  Apply for a grant »

Thanks to generous support from donors just like you, we are connecting young explorers with a real world experience that builds resilience and cross-cultural competence! This real-world experience fosters empathy, builds confidence, and supports a more tolerant global perspective—outcomes that benefit us all. Give the gift of travel today!


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