Violence Prevention and Public Safety in Oakland Little Saigon

Love our community, Invest in Oakland Little Saigon


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Safety is a feeling. Oakland Little Saigon is located between 2nd Ave to 14th Ave along International Blvd and E.12th St) in the 94607 zip code-- which comprises the highest concentration of non-English-speaking monolingual residents in Oakland (Race and Gender Disparity Report, 2019). Little Saigon is home to over 100 Vietnamese and immigrant small businesses. At the height of the Anti-AAPI violence, the residents and small business owners in Oakland Little Saigon in Eastlake experienced, and continue to experience, verbal and physical assaults, robbery, and vandalism. Our communities expressed such daily and weekly experiences as a form of violation and trauma. The funds will go towards high-quality security cameras, beautification projects, and public art to contribute to a welcoming neighborhood and a sense of belonging. 



82 Supporters

38% of $20,000 goal

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