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The George Grant 

The George Grant has been created to honor the memory of George Grant Hagans
(June 19, 1948 - December 3, 2019).  George spent his entire career, spanning 30
years, working with and in service to young people. His service included camps and
after school and community programs such as Children’s Village, The White Plains
Youth Bureau’s Bits N’ Pieces, the Westchester County Music and Arts camp and the
Thomas H. Slater Center.  George also served as Executive Director of the White
Plains Youth Bureau and as the At Risk Youth Coordinator and Grant Writer for the White Plains Board
of Education.

His devotion to young people, camp and community is what makes ROOTS the
perfect fit for continuing his legacy.  A place like Project ROOTS, where youth are
encouraged to explore self love and empowerment, learn to manage conflicts and
help to build a more equitable and just society can continue the work that George
devoted his life to. The George Grant will go directly towards paying for camp
tuition fees for as many young people who need the financial assistance as
possible.  George’s family is excited that they will be able to see this work continue
in future generations with the help of your donation.

About Project ROOTS: Rising Over Oppression Through Solidarity 

The youth of our world are our potential. They are the seeds through which more roots and branches will grow. At ROOTS, we believe that allowing youth to explore topics of identity, build self-love and empowerment, and gain the tools to manage conflicts and bias can be the foundation upon which a more equitable and just society can grow. We believe that once individuals feel whole, they can begin to dismantle the multiple layers of oppression, from the inside out.

Project ROOTS is a weeklong residential program for high school students (entering grades 10-12). Schools and community groups can send delegations of between 4-8 students in order to build the critical mass needed to catalyze social change.   

During this life-changing journey, our youth participants will:

  • Cultivate self-love and empowerment
  • Develop empathy for others
  • Explore identity, equity, and justice
  • Build community and solidarity
  • Challenge bias and oppression
  • Mindfully engage in activism
  • Catalyze social change

A typical day at Project ROOTS: 

  • Small group discussions & story sharing 
  • Experiential workshops on justice, equity and inclusion 
  • Team building, problem solving, & leadership development 
  • Movement & mindfulness practices 

The Project ROOTS staff: Our staff is made up of educators, social workers, environmental justice activists, community organizers, healing practitioners, and more. They are highly trained in working with youth around issues of community, justice and equity.

For more information about Project ROOTS visit the website:

George's family (Paula, Eric, Tauren, Lindsey and Brittany) so appreciate contributions of any size!  Your support with help us send students to ROOTS who otherwise would not be able to afford to.  



Papa Steve made a donation

1 week ago


Donated in the memory of your Dad and Linda Chang’s Dad to honor them and the gift they both gave us . You & Linda❤️❤️

Anonymous made a donation

2 weeks ago

sincere condolences to all of George's family.

Jamila & Jouwad Syed made a donation

2 weeks ago


Lindsey, made a donation

3 weeks ago


My condolences. Sending you love. Naima

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